Quake Champions is getting a new character in its biggest update yet

by: Chapel -
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Quake Champions is getting one of its biggest updates yet this Thursday, December 14, with new content and a new champion, Keel.

Keel is a man who was killed in battle and brought back to life as a cyborg, with the Grenade Swarm active ability that allows him launch a barrage of grenades and the Stockpile passive ability, which reduces the cooldown for the active ability when he picks up an ammo box.

In addition to the new character, there is a new duel map being added, called Vale of Pnath, described as a "wickedly vertical shrine to the Elder God Ithagnal," with acid pools all around. In addition to this, ranked play and leaderboards are being added, bringing the competitive element to its fruition.

Customization is being pumped as well. You can now customize your crosshair, and some new holiday themed character customizations will be added to bring a little holiday spirit to the bloodbath.

You can watch the trailer for the new Keel character below.

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