Despite dire predictions, FSW scores awesome DLC

by: Dave -
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There is nothing like paid DLC to bring the Steam comment trolls' temperatures well past the boiling point of sulfur (823° F if you're wondering, or 445° C if you're wondering and you aren't American) and they really, really hate the idea of a $25 flight sim that includes a pretty decent collection of payware-quality airplanes from day one. It's as if they view game/sim development as some form of charity rather than the pressure-cooker of hard, intricate work with low financial yield. They also object to DLC being sold only through channels that have a financial benefit to Dovetail Games.

Dire predictions of a DLC desert for FSW were (and still are) bandied about as if such was a fact certain. BlueSky Flight Simulation believes differently. They have developed what appears to be a fairly realistic rendering of the venerable Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, a single-seat fighter from just before the start of WWII. A perusal of the online manual shows 'cold & dark' functionality built in, which indicates a high degree of cockpit interaction. The manual also shows a lot of 'inop' switches and lights, indicating that this is not quite the study-level product you would expect for something like  DCS World.

That said, it doesn't come with the $50 - $60 price tag, either. The P-40 is currently listed at $27.99 on Steam, but after December 14 it will climb to its normal cruising price of $39.99.