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X Rebirth VR Edition free to play this weekend on Steam

by: Dave -
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X Rebirth VR Edition is the latest game in the X series and is based on X Rebirth: Home of Light. Every aspect of this game is tailored towards an immersive VR experience. This is as opposed to the VR aspects of Elite: Dangerous which, while absolutely stunning to look at, still requires a keyboard or HOTAS (or both) to operate the controls. X Rebirth, on the other hand, allows full control with the Rift Touch or Vive controllers.

While this isn't critical for full immersion if you can map everything to a HOTAS and actually remember where you put everything and/or you can find your way around a keyboard without being able to see it, but it's still a pretty big deal. This is the exact thing that drove me away from the Elite: Dangerous VR experience in the first place.

That sounds pretty good to me, so I will be taking advantage of the free weekend to see if X Rebirth might be a suitable substitute for what had previously been my favorite space exploration game.

If you're interested in trying it out, you will find it here on the Steam store. If the free play convinces you to buy, X Rebirth VR Edition is marked down 20% (to $31.99) on Steam until December 11.

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