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The classic battle, retirees vs. nurses, coming to Steam

by: Dave -
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Stayin' Alive, an action game that pits nurses against their mortal enemies (retirees, apparently), is coming to Steam with a planned release date of December 20th.

As recently as a year ago, this likely would have held little to no appeal to me, but a year's difference can certainly change the ways we see things. If you consider that in the last year I myself retired and my daughter began a career in nursing, well, you can kind of see where a game like this might be just the ticket, especially with an online multiplayer component.

The game itself is pretty much exactly as described in the title, albeit possibly in the opposite direction than you may have assumed. The conflict between the nurses and the retirees is not the nurses trying to dispose of the retirees, it's the polar opposite: the nurses are fighting to prevent the retirees from committing suicide. Either way it's kind of gruesome, but as a recent retiree I cannot fathom the desire to commit suicide. To be fair, though, I retired before the standard age and as a consequence retirement feels far more like an extended vacation than something I want to die of.

Other than the creepy premise of the game, there appears to be some interesting game design decisions behind the scenes. The list of features includes some thought-provoking elements:

  • Online Multiplayer matches for up to 8 players (4 vs. 4)
  • Save your enemies as a nurse. How good are you at keeping others safe?
  • Kill yourself as a retiree. How fast can you die?
  • Craft your tools of death. Razors made out of toothbrushes. Auto-combustion kit made from Zippos. Creativity is the key.
  • 6 ways to die. Each one with its corresponding life-saver tool. Die like you always wanted to IRL (!?).
  • Sedate and confine retirees. No real senior citizens were harmed in the making of this game.
  • Cooperation is the key. Help your friends die, or save everyone.

It will be awhile before we get a look at the game, but you can get an idea from the YouTube video below.

Stayin' Alive will be available for the PC at the Steam store on December 20th.

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