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Bethesda announces Save Player 1 campaign. It seems that they understand my pain.

by: Eric -
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How many times in the past couple of weeks have you heard someone mutter that they were going to rent Star Wars Battlefront "to play through the single player campaign"? Are you the sort of player that picks up Uncharted 4 and never bothers to fire up the multiplayer? Have you ever fumbled between matches of Call of Duty to pick the correct load out, only to end up spawning with a peashooter and a green hat?

Bethesda cares, people. They understand the plight of the single player.

Last night at The Video Game Awards, Bethesda announced the Save Player 1 campaign with the above video starring Lynda Carter. The campaign is basically just a way for Bethesda to reiterate its commitment to producing quality single player content in a gaming environment that pushes further into multi-player-only content every day. I love this video.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy taking the occasional swipe at Overwatch, just like everyone else. But when I think about my favorite gaming memories, most of those memories revolve around me huddled under a blanket in a dark room, working my way through the DC underground in Fallout 3, or running in endless circles to level up my party in Final Fantasy VII. While I don't really worry about single player gaming disappearing completely, it is nice to know that someone is looking out for players that enjoy solitary content.

In celebration of their new initiative, Bethesda is holding a sale on some of its most popular single player titles this weekend. Bethesda is also donating $100,000 to the ESA, an organization that provides scholarships to women and minority students pursuing computer science and or video game arts-related degrees. 

I know this is just a marketing campaign, but I thought it was cool and funny, and it spoke to me as a gamer who sometimes feels a little displaced in the world of online competition.  Well done, Bethesda.