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It's on like Donkey Kong (or Mario)! Ubisoft adds free Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle multiplayer mode

by: Eric -
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For every game trying to gouge gamers for every penny, there’s another game providing gamers with cool free stuff.  Ubisoft announced today that they are adding a free local multiplayer mode to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Mario + Rabbids is the turn based strategy game that everyone loved to hate before it came out, at which point everyone instantly changed their tunes, because it is awesome.

Players each select teams of three characters, and try to outmaneuver each other on dynamic battlefields, with random bonus packages appearing to stir things up. Bonuses can include extra attacks, more powerful powers and other advantages. Matches are highly customizable, with players being able to adjust timers, the number of moves, and the presence of bonus items. The game can be played with the Pro Controllers, or two Joy-Cons.

For the life of me, I can’t think of any other turn-based strategy games on the market with local multiplayer. This just screams classic Nintendo fun to me, with two players duking it out locally. I just picked this game up for one of my kids today (don’t tell him!), so I am looking forward to taking a crack at this new mode on Christmas morning.