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Bethesda gives you some new info on Fallout 4 VR

by: John -
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Fallout 4 VR is coming out next Monday and I'm super excited about it. There's been a few videos here and there, but Bethesda today released a very nice overview of the game and what changes they've done.

There are a lot of cool things to see in the video below. You can just look at your wrist if you want to see the Pipboy screen. Of course, holding up your wrist can get tiring so you can just project the Pipboy into your view if you want to see it without having to hold up your arm.

Menus have been changed to accommodate VR players. The game will make use of the Vive's touchpads to scroll and select things like settlement items or dialogue.

I'm very happy to see Bethesda is implementing both teleporting and free locomotion to the game. That gives me hope of hooking the game up to my Virtuix Omin so I can truly walk around Boston.

Combat looks really wicked with VATS slowing things down so you can aim at various parts of your enemies more easily. When enemies come close, just bash them in the face with the gun. Swing your arm and hit them with a melee attack.

Overall, it looks pretty well done and I can't wait to grab it.

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