Space Monkey Livestream tomorrow at noon!

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one of the most mysterious games currently in development. While it has long been rumored to be in production, it wasn’t until earlier this year that the world at large accepted that the game might actually happen.

After dropping the first trailer at E3 (and dropping a mountain of f-bombs within that trailer), Ubisoft announced the Space Monkey program, which allows gamers interested in BGAE2 to follow along with the game’s development and offer their own opinions on how they think things should shake out.

The website offers semi-regular updates to Space Monkeys, and in the long term, members will be more likely to be selected to take part in closed betas.

Ubisoft announced today - via an email sent out to Space Monkey members – the first Space Monkey Report live stream, scheduled for 12:00 PM EST on Thursday, 12-07-17. It looks at though the stream is open to the public. It can be accessed via the Space Monkey page on Facebook, and the Ubisoft channels on YouTube and Twitch.

I’m hoping that we get a look at some gameplay footage, but it might be a bit early for all of that. Regardless, I’ll be tuning in during my lunch hour to see what there is to see!

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