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Dynamic water reflections come to For Honor in today's Patch v1.16

by: Eric -
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Somebody out there has to be buying the Xbox One X, right? And a lot of us have made the jump to 4K televisions now that prices have gone down. Further, it would stand to reason that a few of those folks with 4K TVs and the Xbox One X are playing Ubisoft Montreal’s melee battle simulator For Honor, correct?

Well, if you meet all three of those criteria, today is your lucky day! Ubisoft Montreal is releasing Patch v1.16, which optimizes For Honor for 4K televisions. Some of the major points of improvement are:

  • Shadows on Xbox One X will have a better definition.
  • Far away environment objects will be rendered with a higher definition.
  • Many water surfaces will now show dynamic reflections.

Watching the trailer on a PC monitor, many of the changes are undiscernible, but that 4K dynamic reflection water looks super. It will be awesome to see the reflection of environmental lights sparkling in the water while you cleave some dude’s head with a giant Viking axe. Dynamic reflections and cleaving – everyone’s recipe for video game fun!