Capcom planning a 30th anniversary stream for Mega Man next week

by: Russell -
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It's kind of hard to believe that Mega Man will be celebrating his 30th anniversary this year. On December 17, 1987 the blue bomber first took on Dr. Wily after Wily had turned six of Dr. Light's robot masters against the world. To celebrate, Capcom wil be doing a live stream on Monday, December 4th at 11:00 a.m PT with a 10:00 am P.T. pre-show. The stream will have special guests, fun surprises, and more. Much like a lot of fans I'm sure, I'm hoping for the announcement of a brand new Mega Man game. Personally I'd love to see either a Mega Man 11, Mega Man X9, or even bring back development for Mega Man Legends 3. Tune into at 11:00 am PT (or 10 am PT for the pre-show) this Monday to join in on the celebration.

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