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Expansion out for the Harry Pottery early access Citadel: Forged with Fire

by: Randy -
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So, here we are, at the tail end of 2017, and the world of early access continues to evolve. Citadel: Forged with Fire isn't the first early access game to put out an expansion pack before the base game officially launches. Heck, it's not even the first one to release an expansion pack for free while still in Early Access. But I think it's still one of the earliest titles to market "completing your early access game that you paid for" as "free expansion yo!" Back in my day, that wasn't called a free expansion. It was called making a video game. *shakes cane furiously*

Either way, The Forsaken Crypts, Citadel's first expansion, is out now. Three new boss dungeons—all high-level stuff—behind doors located inside three hidden mausoleums, which are located on three new islands that have sprung up "somewhere" in the game world. There's new armor and weapons, dungeon-exclusive, in addition to new sets of non-dungeon craftable weapons and armor.

I've had fun with Citadel. It's a clunky (because early access) minecrafting-RPG with a smoothly implemented architectural component and a Harry Potter wizards rule! vibe. 

Citadel: Forged with Fire – The Forsaken Crypts expansion launched, for free (ahem), on November 30. You need the $24.99 Early Access buy-in to play, though.

Mysteriously and without warning, three ancient mausoleums have emerged on Ignus. Originally built to honor the mighty Wizard Kings who once ruled the land, these formerly palatial fortresses have since fallen into disrepair. Three savage behemoths, each with an army of twisted monsters at their disposal, have taken hold of the treacherous dungeons.

It is said that priceless riches and powerful artifacts await any adventurer courageous enough to banish the twisted evils that occupy the three crumbling strongholds. Will you be so bold? Gear up, rally your allies and keep your wits about you. Fortune and glory awaits only the strongest and bravest heroes!

The Forsaken Crypts Expansion is Citadel: Forged with Fire’s first huge update, and adds a variety of exciting new features and content including:

Fight your way through three nightmarish new endgame encounters! From frigid caves of jagged ice to sweeping fields of sizzling lava, each dungeon presents a unique challenge designed specifically for high level party play. Gather a group of friends and prepare for the fight of your wizarding life!

Each new dungeon ends in a desperate battle with one of three new boss monsters. These monsters have been given completely unique spells that will force you and your team to communicate clearly and keep your wits about you. Many will challenge them, few will survive.

Play and replay the new boss dungeons to earn a variety of all-new epic lootables! We’ve added a slew of new weapon, armor and trinket varieties to the game to make each run of the boss dungeons rewarding and exciting. Among these items are three new sets of extremely powerful armors and weapons that can only be earned by slaying the mighty bosses themselves.

This massive update also includes a number of gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and visual improvements. Combined with the content we’ve released since launch – new structure pieces and functionality, tons of new creatures, weapons, armors and items, new spells , server optimizations and new gameplay systems – Citadel is now the best it’s ever been!

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