Just when I thought I had broken the addiction, Heliborne pulls me back in

by: Dave -
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I found Heliborne to be one of the more addictive games I have run across in 2017, but at some point you start to really feel like you ought to move on. I did, but you never really get over an affair like that and you like to just peek in now and then to see how things are going. 

It seemed routine, at first. Ho-hum, another update. Version 0.87.8, to be precise. The itemized fix list read pretty much like it was all fine tuning: made this easier, made this thing harder, made this thing take longer, make this faster, yada yada yada.


They just casually mentioned that a naval map is in the works.

"Yeah, so?" you're probably thinking. Well, this includes an aircraft carrier. If done properly (by which I mean "in accordance with my wishes"), a carrier should add some interesting twists to the tactics and strategy. Hopefully it at least sails around on the map.

Equally intriguing are the two hovercraft. I doubt if they will be controllable by the player, but will more likely work in the same ways as the current riverboats. Those are autonomous, although you do have to transport some troops to the dock to man them.

They didn't say when they expect to have it done, but did refer to it as a work in progress.