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SMITE gets its last big patch before the SMITE World Championships

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE World Championship is coming up in January and the Odyssey event to accompany it has reached it's end. This upcoming patch for SMITE is going to be the last big patch before the SWC, with another smaller patch coming in a few weeks. 

This patch features the final skins being released for this years Odyssey event including the following

  • "Defiant" Bellona
  • "Badlands" Vulcan
  • "Chaos and Order" Hel 

The final Odyssey item, the Tier 5 Ullr skin, will be released soon and you can only acquire the skin by reaching a certain number of points for the Odyssey event. Points can be earned by buying exclusive Odyssey skins and completing quests. 

Finally in this patch we are getting "Abyssal Knight" Ares, which is an exclusive skin along with Vulcan and Hel getting their new mastery recolor skins. 


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