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Total War: Rome II gets its first major DLC in three years

by: Randy -
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It's been awhile since major news of Total War: Rome II came out. The immense, historical, grand strategy title from Creative Assembly launched in 2013, launching nearly a dozen pieces of DLC over the following year. Things have been silent since 2014's Wrath of Sparta campaign pack—at least for Rome II, as Creative Assembly pivoted to successive titles in the Total War series (e.g. Attila and Kingdom, as well as Warhammer and Warhammer II).

But finally we're back to Rome II. The rise and fall of the Roman empire has always been the granddaddy of grand strategy eras for me, personally; though Medieval II was a fun little romp, too.

Okay, now that I've successfully buried the lede two paragraphs' deep, Total War: Rome II is back in the spotlight with the Empire Divided DLC. It takes you to 270 A.D. when the Roman Empire was on the brink of economic collapse. You get to either reunite Rome, or play as one of Rome's many, many enemies, cementing its downfall.

You might catch a piece or two of writing about Rome II from me. I'm late to the party, but took advantage, finally, of this past week's Steam Sale. Playing Rome II brings my strategy game experience full circle. My very first war strategy game was Centurion: Defender of Rome in 1990. It's dated, but it's one of the finest strategy games of all time. Then, following my timeline further, my first Total War was Rome: Total War in 2004. I'm plucking through Rome II's tutorial at the moment, but these slow-moving, staggeringly huge battles are giving me that warm-fuzzy.

Total War: Rome II – Empire Divided launched November 30. It requires the base game Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition in order to play (though you'll find a deep -66% price cut on it until December 4).


LONDON – November 30, 2017 –SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced the launch of the new campaign DLC Empire Divided for Total War: ROME II. Empire Divided plunges players into the crisis of the third century, a do-or-die era for the Roman Empire. Players can embrace the challenge of unifying the disparate Roman factions in glory—or playing as one of Rome's enemies, and dealing the killing blow.

Empire Divided breathes new life into ROME II, with 10 different playable factions, new victory conditions and new campaign features for players to contend with such as plagues, cults, and banditry. Empire Divided also has a big narrative focus, as it chronicles the journeys of the characters and powers involved in this turbulent and fascinating time.

A mashup of content available in ROME II can be seen in the Empire Divided launch trailer, premiering today:

Players can then head over to Total War Access and grab ROME II, or select one of the following DLCs for free: Wrath of Sparta, Black Sea Colonies, or Nomadic Tribes.

A closer look at the fierce key factions involved in this critical period can be found in the Empire Divided cinematic trailer:

Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided is available to purchase on Steam now:

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