Getting ready to play DOOM VFR on your NVIDIA PC? Don't forget to update your drivers

by: John -
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DOOM VFR will be coming to an HTC Vive in about 9 hours from this post and if you have a VR rig, like myself, with a NVIDIA card, be sure to update your drivers to get the best experience possible. The fine folks at NVIDIA has pushed out these drivers to optimize the game so you can kill demons at high speeds and great clarity with your NVIDIA card.

DOOM VFR is not just a port of DOOM in VR as Bethesda has added functionality that takes advantage of the HMD and controllers. It's a different experience and one that I've heard many folks have really enjoyed. 

Between this and Fallout 4 VR, I'm going to be doing a lot of VR gaming in the Bethesda realm for the next few months.

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