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PS VR's Arizona Sunshine gets updated with two new horde maps next Tuesday

by: Eric -
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Well, here’s a happy surprise.

Developer Vertigo Games announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PS VR version of Arizona Sunshine, which is a favorite among the Gaming Nexus staff, is getting an update next Tuesday. The free download, entitled DLZ, will include two new horde maps, Old Mine and Undead Valley.

Old Mine is based on the mine environment in the campaign, which has been reconfigured to support fights with endless waves of the undead. Supply and ammo drops have been moved outside of “comfort zones”, forcing players to take chances to retrieve them and keep their team alive.

The second map, Undead Valley, takes place in a warehouse turned casino near Las Vegas. Players are able to fight their way to new areas, opening them through combat and environmental destruction. Instead of sending waves of zombies at the players, this map unleashes an endless stream, encouraging players to keep moving to stay safe.

I’m really digging the recent trend that has PS VR titles getting updates. It is nice to see development companies supporting VR games and expanding them after release. Now can I get some Romulans on Star Trek Bridge Crew?  Ubisoft? Anyone?  Anyone?

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