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Full reveal for Operation White Noise in Rainbow Six Siege

by: Nathan -
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Ubisoft has fully revealed everything that will be coming in Operation White Noise, the next big content drop for Rainbow Six Siege and will include three new operators, a new map, skins, and tons of changes / fixes to the game. 

First up is the new attacker, Dokkaebi. Dokkaebi carries a tablet with her into battle. Twice per round she can use her tablet to do one of three things.

First, using the tablet will cause the phones of all of the surviving attackers to start vibrating essentially giving off their positions. Attackers will then need to make a choice. Take the time to turn off their phone, leaving them vulnerable or take a chance and let it ring. The second thing it does is that is disrupts the attackers feeds to cameras, letting the defenders maneuver around the map without being spotted. Finally, if an attacker dies with Dokkaebi in the match, they will drop their phone. If Dokkaebi can hack the phone, the defending team will then get access to the camera feeds for the rest of the round. 

Next up with the new South Korean Defender, Vigil. Vigil can cloak himself which will make him invisible to surveillance equipment like hacked security cameras or drones. He can however be detected by IQ's scanner, and his footprints can be scanned by Jackal. 

Finally, Zofia, an Attacker from Poland and the sister of Ela. Zofia carries into battle with her the KS79-Lifeline, which is a grenade launcher equipped with both explosive rounds and stun grenades. You can switch freely between explosive and stun grenades at any time and they don't need to be reloaded between shots. 

Since Zofia and Ela are sisters, they both have experience and training when it comes to stun grenades. This means that both Zofia and Ela will recover from their each others stun grenades at a faster pace.

Additionally, Zofia has an ability called "withstand". This allows her to pick herself up from a DBNO(downed but not out) state once per match and will recover with 1HP. 

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out Rainbow Six Siege's official website.

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