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Teaser trailers for new operators Zofia and Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege

by: Nathan -
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There is a lot going on this weekend in Rainbow Six Siege. First off the game is getting a free weekend event where anyone on PS4, Xbox One or PC can try out the full game and if they want to buy it, they can do so at a discount. This weekend is also the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals in Brazil. 

Lastly we will get a full reveal of the final DLC content drop of Season 3 with "Operation White Noise". Operation White Noise will include a new map, Mok Myeok tower along with three new operators. Today, Ubisoft revealed teaser trailers for two of them.

First is Dokkaebi (doe-keh-bee), an attacking Operator from South Korea's 707 Special Mission Battalion. It appears that she will be able to hack electronic devices like phones and thus, give away a defenders position. Or she just makes everyone with a Nitro Cell explode immediately. Could you imagine? 

Next up was Zofia the attacking Operator from Poland's GROM unit and the older sister of Ela, the GROM defending operator. 

Zofia's special ability is that she brings a double barrel grenade launcher into battle loaded with both concussion and impact grenades. Impact grenades sound like they work just like Ash's grenade launcher where they can destroy walls and reinforced windows instantly. Concussion grenades will impair hearing and causes a dizzying effect. 

Check out the trailers below. To see the full reveal, check out the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals on their official Twitch channel, November 18th and 19th

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