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EA removes microtransctions from Star Wars Battlefront II temporarily

by: John -
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Star Wars Battlefront II  is only a day from launching and the past week has all been about the bad microtransactions and the pay to win setup that EA and DICE has incorporated into the game.

In a surprising move, EA has decided to temporarily remove the ability to purchase crystals leaving the only way to get more heroes and cards through playing the game. 

It's been a very, very long week for EA and DICE as they had misstep after misstep in handling this situation, culminating in a very awful AMA on reddit.  Of course, all the answers were pretty vague and many of the tough questions were left unanswered.

So today, we get a temporary suspension of microtransactions. There are still other problems in the game like the limits on Arcade points per day and the amount of grinding needed to get everything, although you can expect the latter to be adjusted with the removal of purchasing crystals.

It still leaves the door open for EA to re-institute the purchasing aspect of loot crates in the game for items other than those that are cosmetic. If they want to still have loot crates, they should incorporate the Overwatch system of only having cosmetic items and have no limits on characters or levels.

For me, it's too little too late with these changes. I've decided against purchasing the game and I've continued to decline purchasing an EA game or put money in their EA Access service because of what they've been doing the past few years. I appreciate the fact that they are suspending microtransactions, but again they are leaving the door open in their statement to put it back in. And with how they handled this in the past few weeks, who knows what else they are thinking of to try and squeeze more money out of you. There's nothing stopping them from doing something else after you purchased the game and well past your refund time.

I do give credit to EA for doing something about it right now, but they need to do a LOT to earn back my trust and it's not something that can change until they've proven themselves over time. Let's hope it's a start because we all really should be talking about the game itself and not how EA's trying to grab every little penny they can from us.

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