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Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition now available

by: Kinsey -
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Fuel up your tractor and buckle up your overalls; Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition has recently rolled into stores, ready to bring to your home all the action-packed aspects of working your own farm.

Seriously, though. Joking aside, the game has a lot of content compared to previous installments, not to mention an entirely new South American setting. There's more variety in vehicles, gameplay, equipment, brands, and more—and since this is the Platinum Edition, there's more. There are exclusive features, of course, that you can get a glimpse of in the launch trailer below. 

If you're ready to harvest crops, tend to livestock, partake in forestry, and sell your spoils to expand your farm, here's what you have to do:

  • If you already own Farming Simulator 17 on PC or Mac, the Platinum Expansion is available in retail stores (PC) and for download (PC/Mac).
  • If you're a new PC/Mac player, you can buy the game in full in retail stores (PC) or via download (PC/Mac).
  • If you already own Farming Simulator 17 on PS4 or Xbox One player, you can download the Platinum Expansion from your console.
  • If you're a new PS4 or Xbox One player, you can get the full game at retail stores or as a digital bundle offer by buying the Farming Simulator 17 Premium Edition.
  • If you're a Season Pass owner on PS4 or Xbox One, you can download the expansion from your console.

Farm away, y'all. Farm away.

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