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Kinzie Kensington, aka "Safeword" is now available as DLC in Agents of Mayhem

by: Nathan -
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Agents of Mayhem was one of those games that came and went. It was a fun experience, but as I wrote in my review, it's extremely repetitive. That said, it's still fun to fire up from time to time and cause tons.... of Mayhem. 

Now the one thing that I wanted before the game came out was a certain character from the Saints Row universe to show up. I had hope since other characters from Saints Row are either playable or NPC's in the game, and my favorite character is now ready to tear up Seoul. 

Kinzie Kensington, everyone's favorite nerdy, kinky, hacker FBI is now available in Agents of Mayhem as part of the Safeword Agent Pack. The Safeword Agent Pack is available for $4.99 and includes the following content. 

  • Safeword character
  • 4 agent skins
  • 5 weapon skins
  • 1 Gremlin tech
  • 1 vehicle skin
  • 1 unlock mission
  • 1 personal mission




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