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Awesomely illustrated Deep Sky Derelicts goes early access

by: Randy -
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Deep Sky Derelicts, a game so heavy with comic book ink that it might never wipe off my radar screen, heads into Steam Early Access today. Deep Sky Derelicts has got your roguelite. It's got your card-based combat. It's got your sick Hellboy art style. It owes plenty of its existence to Darkest Dungeon, but deviates enough to stand on its own.

You're an outcast and a scavenger, literally scraping a living off the carcasses of enormous, super-dead spaceships. You grab a contract, you negotiate the thickly illustrated hallways, you mop the place up of monsters. Money is one thing, but it appears that getting your citizenship is the real prize. You know, like in any reasonable dystopian adventure. I hope the synth-smashed soundtrack is prominent in the game, too, and not just a trick of the trailer. 

Deep Sky Derelicts is on Steam Early Access now. The end of the trailer says it'll be in GOG's In Development program, too, but it's not up and running at the time of this writing. The plan is to fine tune its already award-winning game to something more full-bodied in seven to eight months. I can't wait to see the full story campaign in 2018.

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