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Forza 7 difficulty issues and game glitches continue to add frustration to a fantastic game

by: Kevin -
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It is no secret that Forza 7 continues to wow the racing sim community and for all its faults, there is little denying that it is in the upper echelons in gaming. Problem is, there are still issues with the game - 40 days into launch.

The first is a horrible lack of consistency in the difficulty settings - especially with Sebring and Road America. These significant differences are blatantly obvious and overly annoying. Example: I had to race an Endurance race to finish off the Breakout Series. It was a 23 lap race through Circ de Spa Francorchamps driving a Corvette C7.R racer. On the same difficulty I used for 25 plus hours, I beat the race by 45 seconds on a race that took 57 minutes. Now I probably could do this on a setting higher, but I'm good at this track and I like keeping the settings the same. A day later I am having to do a 300mile Endurance race on Sebring Raceway - some 80 laps and probably 3 hours worth. I've started it 2 or 3 times and stopped because the difficulty is so up-side down that I was losing laps by over 6 seconds! There have been other races on Sebring and Road America both where the race has been down to tenths of a second or ramming the front car off the track just to take first place.

Now, I understand that a novice may be good at some tracks and bad at others, but this difference in difficulty is completely awful to someone who has played Forza for 15 years. I was awful at Virginia Raceway (a new-comer to the Forza lineup) but am able to win by 4 or 5 seconds anymore because of practice. Sebring's difficulty doesn't lie with being inexperienced - since it has been around for a long time - it is just awful.

The other problems are in the quality of some of the game. The glitches are still very numerous. I cannot believe there are so many problems in a game with so much done right. Things like:

  • Spoilers disappearing before races
  • The "experience" noise becoming stuck when hitting the continue button at the wrong time - making you restart the game. Happens 4 or 5 times a day
  • Loot crates giving the same badges or gear that you already have - making the purchase a waste of credits
  • There is a glitch with the 1964 #2 Ferrari F158 where the steering wheel is blocking the view out in front of the driver from the cockpit
  • An issue where buying, searching, or selecting a car and not seeing an image of the vehicle

Forza fans are becoming annoyed with all the problems with this game and I'm getting frustrated as well. I hope the powers that be see this and get it fixed.