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Rainbow Six Siege is getting a free trial weekend starting tomorrow

by: Nathan -
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Rainbow Six Siege is almost reaching the end of Season 4, and with the Pro League Finals this weekend, Ubisoft is holding a free weekend for the game on all platforms. On November 16th, the game will be free to download and play until the trial ends on November 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.  

The game will also be on sale up to 60% from November 16th to November 27th. Those who play during the free weekend will also be able to have their progress carry over to the full game should they decide to purchase it.

In addition, the Technical Test Server will be up on November 20th and will include the new content from Operation White Noise. The full reveal for Operation White Noise, including three new operators, two from South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battalion and the attacking Operator from Poland's GROM unit will be revealed on November 19h during the Pro League Finals. You can watch the Pro League Finals on Rainbow Six Siege's official Twitch channel.

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