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New Carnival Games VR = total win

by: Eric -
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Much to my happy surprise today, 2K dropped new DLC for Carnival Games VR, the goofball PS VR title that brings home ring tossing and pancake stacking. It took me forever to try this game because it looked so corny, and when I finally did, it knocked my socks off. This game is ridiculously fun.

Carnival Games VR: Alley Adventure is now available in the PlayStation Store for $7.99. The core game is divided up into themed alleys, each with three to four games to play. The new DLC adds two new alleys, “Cosmic Corner” and “Jurassic Junction”.

Here are the official release descriptions of the new games included with the DLC:

- Dino Stacker: Stand on the head of a raised dinosaur-themed platform and drop a random selection of blocks to successfully build a tower as high as you can.

- Gravity Match: Use sci-fi gravity guns to rapidly catch objects and fire them back at matching objects to score points.

- Putting Green: Complete a series of miniature golf putting challenges.

- Horseshoes: Toss the horseshoes around the stake and score as many points as possible.

- Trick Shot: Show off your skills in a series of randomized billiard-style trick shots.

- Lucky Cups: Toss as many ping pong balls as you can into a grid of colored cups before time runs out.

Additionally, all 12 existing games from Carnival Games® VR have been enhanced for “increased replayability”, whatever that means.

The core of Carnival Games is unreasonably fun, endlessly supplying that addictive “one more try” feeling. It really delivers on the authentic feeling of playing carnival arcade games. I’ve seen some grumbling online about “Wii Shovel-Ware”, and I guarantee that Carnival Games has moved far beyond that status in the move to VR. PS VR titles don’t get updated as often as I would like, so I’m absolutely delighted to see an expansion to one I enjoy so much.

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