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Watch Bungie play Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion on Twitch

by: Randy -
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"There's been a development on Mercury" is my new "There appears to be an event happening." It's just a bad-but-conscious use of passive voice, the kind of thing that sends a hack writing nerd into a tailspin. 

The Twitch reveal of Destiny 2: Expansion I – Curse of Osiris is this Wednesday, November 15, at 11AM Pacific on Twitch.TV/Bungie. And since I'm word-nerding out, may I point out that "Curse of Osiris" has a lovely consonance to it? Never mind.

This trailer shows off angular Vex architecture in the unforgivably sunny environs of Mercury, closest planet to the Sun. If you've got an HDR TV or monitor, you're going to be squinting your eyes through this expansion pack. Mercury is a whole new destination for Destiny 2. And while it's got recognizable Vex designs in the buildings, there's also a lot of far-future Egypt going on here. Courtesy of some dude with the Egyptian god name of Osiris, I'm sure. 

Curse of Osiris, part of the Destiny 2 season pass, launches December 5. But this Twitch preview, hosted by Bungie, is November 15, three weeks ahead of launch.