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Another free to play weekend kicking off for LawBreakers

by: Rob -
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Following the last free to play event from about a month and a half ago, LawBreakers is at it again this weekend. On now and running through Sunday on PC, it's a great chance to try before you buy. 

Let's be honest, this game has gotten some really favorable reviews but the player base seems to have bottomed out. Hopefully a free to play weekend will help boost those numbers on what, by all other metrics seems to be a good shooter. It also comes in at only a mid-tier retail price, and for this weekend is a further 50% that on Steam and on the PSN. The devs on this one still seem to be pretty committed to the game though, with new content being pushed out and these weekends an olive branch to a gaming community crowded by so many options these days.

LawBreakers is available now for PC and Playstation 4. The latest trailer is below.

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