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Check out the new map for Rainbow Six Siege's Operation White Noise, Mok Myeok Tower

by: Nathan -
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The next big operation for Rainbow Six Siege titled "Operation White Noise" is almost here and Ubisoft has dropped the first trailer showing off the next map, Mok Myeok.

This map looks like its going to be one of the biggest Siege maps yet, taking place on top floors of a giant skyscraper in Korea. One interesting thing of note are the glass floors. I am wondering if we can blast those floors out to lock off entry points for attackers, or send someone falling to their death. It also looks like there will be tons of open space, but tons of close quarters areas like office buildings and bedrooms as well.

A full reveal for Operation White Noise, including the three new operators will take place during the Pro League Finals on November 19th.  

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