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New PS VR Demo Disc available for download on PlayStation Store

by: Eric -
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Well, this is a nice development for PS VR owners:

The PlayStation Store has added a second PlayStation VR Demo Disc to their online store, free to download immediately.

The list of games has a few significant additions, in comparison to the old list.

Most notably is a demo for Moss, the adventure game with an adorable mouse protagonist that made a giant splash earlier this year at E3. The game is not scheduled to release until February, 2018, so giving gamers an early taste is a nice treat.

Also unreleased (until next year) are Star Child and The Persistence. I'm not familiar with either of these titles, but am looking forward to checking them out.

I've also considered picking up Dino Frontier and Fantastic Contraption, so their inclusion on this list will allow me to check them out before dropping the cash.

Here's the complete list of games included:

• Battlezone (Rebellion)
• Dino Frontier (Uber Entertainment)
• Eve: Valkyrie (CCP Games) 
• Fantastic Contraption (Radial Games)
• Job Simulator (Owlchemy Labs) 
• Moss (Polyarc)
• Raw Data (Survios)
• Rez Infinite (Enhance Games)
• Star Child (GameTrust)
• The Persistence (Firesprite)
• Thumper (Drool)
• Tiny Trax (FuturLab)

Available via download
• StarBlood Arena (Whitemoon Dreams)

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