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XBox One's "green screen of death" really isn't all that deadly

by: Kevin -
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As a long time XBox user, I have been aware of the many "death" problems the machines have from time to time. I lost 2 XBox 360s to the dreaded "red ring of death", but thankfully not on a brand new system like some users suffered. Thursday night I ended up with a newer "green screen of death". I had done a search when this happened and was worried I was out another XBox or at least was having to push up my XBox One X purchase a couple of months. Thankfully I was able to be walked through a way to fix this without downloads or sending the XBox away for repair.

First, I'd like to be clear, that this should be done with a XBox tech helping. I was nervous and honestly would have been annoyed if I had made the problem worse. That said, my system is back to tip-top working order. My steps were as follows :

  • Shut the XBox off
  • Press the controller link button and the eject button simultaneously and hit the "on" button - the black options screen should then appear
  • Select "bring back to factory" and select the "keep games and files"
  • Once the XBox shuts off and on enough times, it will bring you to the like-new start up sequence where all your info needs re-entered - i.e. time zone, email, passwords, etc.
  • Once all the above is filled out, the XBox will be back to normal with some little programs needing reinstalled (YouTube, Blue Ray, etc) but all your games and saves intact.

This took all of 20 minutes once the tech figured out the best way to do it. If this doesn't work, there is a download technique you can use, but that should also be a walkthrough with a tech in case of problems. This saved me another XBox purchase and I hope it helps others too.