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Fortnite surpasses 20 million owners only a hair's breadth before PUBG

by: Randy -
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Fortnite just beat PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to the 20 million mark. At least according to this video put out by Fortnite publisher, Epic Games. Although SteamDB's numbers say that PUBG is within inches of crossing the 20 million owners threshold, too, with 19.8 million owners.

These two 100-person battle royale games are experiencing a heyday that no one could have predicted even eight months ago. The meteoric rise of both has been a compelling drama to watch unfold. 

Something to keep in mind, though: PUBG exists only on PC at the moment and has a $30 price tag; while Fortnite is on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One—and is free. Since we're talking numbers here, that obviously makes a big difference. 

Launching its Battle Royale Mode on September 26, it only took Fortnite six weeks to hit 20 million. But let's not act like would've done those numbers if PUBG hadn't already been the biggest dark horse success of a video game since March.

That's enough back and forth. Congrats to both teams, as they duke it out for the top spot in a hungry gaming market. 

PUBG is coming to Xbox One on December 12 as a timed console exclusive. No word on how long that exclusive lasts before it also comes to PS4.

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