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Need for Speed Payback launch trailer

by: Dave -
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Tyler, Mac, and Jess are going to officially hit the streets of Fortune Valley this week in Need for Speed Payback as they reunite to seek vengeance against The House, purveyors of crime and mayhem amongst corrupt cops and hardened criminals. Their battlefields will be found in the various communities that comprise Fortune Valley, each of which presents its own unique flavor of roads and byways, just waiting for the sounds of screaming engines and screeching tires.

As it is a Need for Speed game, we can count on the usual fast-paced and extraordinarily dangerous street racing action wrapped in a semblance of story telling, all of which will occur in a generously-sized open world. As in previous iterations, there will likely be collectibles to, well... collect, along with numerous and varied types of racing events. I've never felt at a loss for something to do in a Need for Speed game, even if it's simply driving around enjoying the changing scenery.

Reportedly this version does break some new ground in that it will also have a day-to-night-to-day cycle to add a little flavor to the racing. The stereotypical Hollywood street race is seldom held at high noon; these events are more commonly considered to be best saved until after the sun has set. With most of the recent car racing titles putting more of an emphasis on realistic racing on actual tracks, a return to flat-out, adrenaline-fueled action baked into every Need for Speed game will be a nice change as well. Seriously, even being chased by virtual cops again will be refreshing, and far safer than hitting your local roads for the real thing to get your fix of excitement in blue.

With the ability to play as either of the three characters, and overarching story line, a police force ready and waiting to bring you to justice, and a healthy dose of adventure, Payback looks almost as if someone decided to shift the balance of Grand Theft Auto to concentrate just a wee bit more on the cars. This bold assertion is further supported by the fact that Payback will also have an offline, single-player mode. "Yippee!" says the introvert.

Need for Speed: Payback will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin on Nov. 7 if you want to pony up the cash for the Deluxe Edition. The parsimonious will have to wait until Nov. 10 for the Standard Edition.

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