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Runic Games shuttered

by: Chuck -
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On Friday Runic Games was closed down by publisher Perfect World in order to focus on games as a service.   Runic developed Torchlight, Torchlight II, and the recently released Hob.  Torchlight proved you could have a Diablo-esq game on on a console.  

I will always have a special place in my heard for Runic as I remember being impressed with the moxie and preconsciousness of the studio when I first met with them at PAX 2008.  The team was creative and I always appreciated the sense of humor in their games (Torchlight II had Goonies level complete with a pirate ship).

On the studio's website, studio head Marsh Lefler is promising that we haven't heard the end of Runic and hopefully that's the case.

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