FSW updates again; contents indicate full release may be imminent

by: Dave -
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Dovetail Games has released another update for their bargain-priced flight sim, Flight Sim World. Despite carrying a name that sounds more appropriate to a magazine, FSW is one of the better deals available today. 'Tis true that it remains in Early Access, and it is equally true that it still has a lot of room to grow, but for a $25 flight sim it has a nice selection of default aircraft and a vast number of places to fly them to and from. The flight school is quite usable and should help lower the slope of the learning curve for those new to this kind of thing. I would prefer that it supported VR, though, but you can't have everything.

The latest update appears to be mostly fine-tuning and minor cosmetic fixes, possibly indicating that they are close to a full release. You can see the full list below.

Flight Sim World is available for PC on Steam.

Aircraft Avionics
GNS430 and G1000

  • Resolved “Direct to” text overlaps preventing entry of “Airport Ident” and “Facility” information.


  • Corrected COM and NAV units: Com2/Nav2 is now bottom; Com1/Nav1 now top

Advanced weather

  • Fixed instances of purple and blue skies infrequently seen when starting flights.
  • Reduced horizon fog banding artefacts seen with high visibility ranges.

Eagle Pilot School

  • Lesson 6 - Radio Navigation - Improved outro camera framing
  • Lesson 8 - Night Flying - Added a waypoint marker to guide the player back to the school on lesson completion

Waltham Flying Club

  • Lesson 5 - Approach and landing - Made lesson failure conditions more lenient


  • Reduced intensity of moon specular reflections
  • Fixed cockpit shadow gap artefacts seen in certain aircraft
  • Improved terrain blending of dirt runways