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Mutant Football League for Xbox is available in the Game Preview program

by: Dave -
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Close on the heels of the release on Steam for PC junkies, Indie games developer Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC has announced that its Mutant Football League game is now also available through the Xbox One Game Preview program.

The Xbox One Game Preview program is similar to Early Access in Steam - players can get a jump start on future potential competitors, but may have to deal with last minute fixes and issues prior to the official release date. That said, it's not all that uncommon to have the same issues after release - I figure you might as well just jump in and play. The cautious buyer will, of course, take advantage of the free trial version to make sure they really want the game before plunking down the lucre.
I'm working through the Rookie games on the PC version to prepare for a review you should be able to see on this very site sometime next week, and I've been playing it long enough now to have reached a judgement: I like it. Maybe you will too - be sure to go grab a free trial and see for yourself. Don't worry about any adverse feelings regarding today's NFL noise - MFL players don't take knees, they take lives.
Mutant League Football™ for Xbox One is expected to officially release in January 2018.
Here's the trailer in case you missed it last week:

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