Prep for Call of Duty: WWII's Multiplayer with this primer on Divisions

by: Nicholas -
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With Call of Duty: WWII's launch mere hours away, their YouTube channel has uploaded a new video packed with information on how to get the upper hand in the game's multiplayer mode. 

The classes, or Divisions, as the announcer calls them, are Expeditionary, Mountain, Armored, Infantry, and Airborne. Each class has its own focus that maximizes the playstyle, but interestingly enough, the player can equip any weapon they choose to their character. However, each class favors certain weapons, and benefits ensue from using them. Experience points are earned through the use of the class and weapons, and with that come upgrades. 

The Infantry Division is well-rounded, and attaches a bayonet when using a rifle, aiding in close quarters combat. The bayonet is the initial upgrade (you use the appropriate weapon, you get the level one upgrade) and is followed by another attachment, such as a sight; the third upgrade is extra ammunition; the fourth upgrade is accelerated movement when aiming.

The Airborne Division is equipped for fast movement and close quarters combat. Its initial upgrade is a detachable suppressor, and is followed by faster sprinting and climbing, concluded by even faster movement. Looking closely at the screen, I saw that at rank four, the player had achieved upwards of 140,000 experience points. I wonder how long that'll take?

The Armored Division are essentially tanks, suitable for mid-range engagements. The initial upgrade is a bipod, followed by immunity from shellshock and enemy tactical equipment, reduced fire damage, and is concluded by heightened explosive resistance.

The Mountain Division are for those who like stealth and distance. So snipers. The perks are holding breath, invisibility to aircraft and streaks, and finally, silent movement. 

The Expeditionary Division rounds out the classes with an exclusive focus on close quarters combat. The upgrades included are incendiary shells for the shotgun, access to lethal and tactical equipment like flashbangs, greater and faster throwing capability, and resupplying from enemy corpses. 

This is an interesting approach to integrating player class with map size and design. I've recounted all the upgrades for each class, but you can watch the video below. It's exciting to see it in action. 

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