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Nintendo Switch users will soon have the chance to be Pinball wizards

by: Kevin -
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Last month I reviewed Pinball FX3 and - with the exception of poor starting tables and a bland menu system - the game was as good as a video pinball game should be. Switch users will be able to sample the ball-throwing fury as soon as November 14th with some extra Switch-Exclusive capabilities - such as a full table view when the screen is turned sideways. Zen Studios claim there will be some 30 tables from the onset - slightly less than the XBox version - and it looks like there will be only one free table to start. The game will be free for download, but will have considerable cost for a bunch of tables. Players will have to decide which ones they want to unload funds on or will be restricted to most of the play-types that require extra tables. More info can be found here : www.pinballfx.com and the trailer is below.