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F1 2017 update a boon to guys like Chuck

by: Dave -
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Hot on the heels of Chuck's unboxing of the highly desirable Xbox One X (certainly one of the stupidest and potentially confusing monikers ever assigned to a gaming console), Codemaster's is dropping version 1.10 of F1 2017 just in time for the official release of the new console next week.

While there are a few minor fixes to some of the more esoteric behaviors of the safety car, the real news is that Xbox One X users will then be able to take advantage of 4K-resolution, 60Hz mirrors, updated car reflections and better shadow/ texture filtering. I'm not sure when the law of diminishing returns will start to take effect with regards to gaming consoles, but having enjoyed a glimpse of 4k video at my local Sams Club, I think I'm on firm ground when I say "not yet."