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Trailer up for Guacamelee! 2

by: Rob -
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As we announced a few days ago, Guacamelee! 2 is coming to the PS4. Developed by Ontario, Canada based Drinkbox Studios and described as a Metroid-vania style platformer that brings the best from it's inspirations of Metriod style movement and Castlevania style combat. It is the sequel to the 2013/2014 Mexican themed mayhem brawler, hence the 2 at the end of the name, and follows hero Juan Aguacate as he dons his luchador mask to save Mexico, and the world. 

Some features for the sequel:

  • Eagle Boost – A hooking mechanic that allows Juan to attach and fly through “boost points” in the environment.
  • Super Chicken! –A unique set of abilities for the chicken form, giving the player more varied and interesting chicken gameplay
  • 4-Player Local Co-op – Take on enemies as a group or solo.
  • New Environmental Mechanics – Throughout the course of the game players will encounter many new mechanics to complement both platforming and combat.
  • Visual Enhancements – A redesigned lighting system to take more advantage of the power of the PS4. Guacamelee! 2’s visuals are a big step above those of the original game on PS4, and are enhanced further to include 4K and HDR support when played on the PS4 Pro.

The game looks like a good time. No official word yet on a release date other than sometime in 2018. While the original Guacamelee! was cross platform across consoles and PC OS's, this one looks to remain a Playstation Exclusive.

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