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Makers of Gods Will Be Watching serve up The Red Strings Club

by: Randy -
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Some people are total suckers. You can just tell. Suckers for pain. Or a Kesha video about bouncing. Or a bowl of orange chicken from Panda Express. Me? I'm a sucker for nice 16-bit cyberpunk noir. 

Why thank you, Deconstructeam. Your Red Strings Club certainly fits the bill. Or fills my glass, rather. The Red Strings Club features a bartender, a neural hacker, and pottery making, for some reason, all wrapped up in a pixel-perfect point-and-click adventure format. It's a story about fate and happiness, and impersonating people on the phone to take down a corporate conspiracy. 

It's a corporate conspiracy to remove anger and sadness from people's everyday lives. But some people (namely you) think that sounds a little too heavy handed. It's an interesting paradox, to say the least. What's happiness without sadness? What does a bartender ply his trade in? I'll tell you what, at The Red Strings Club, it ain't exactly a rave going on. Meaning, a bartender potentially keeps the lights on by keeping people sunken in their anger and sadness. I mean, a bartender is serving up downers, 16 ounces at a time.

The duality is delicious already. Plus, it's from the folks that made Gods Will Be Watching. So, you can be sure there will be some tough decisions to make. Perhaps more carnal and less cannibalistic this time around. But the night is young.

The Red Strings Club has got its act together already. It's coming to PC in January 2018. Here's the Steam page. You've got a video to set the mood. And even a few screenshots to reiterate the visuals or expand on some of the gameplay interface.


- Bartending, Pottery, and Corporate Espionage All in Play -

VALENCIA – Independent developer Deconstructeam (Gods Will Be Watching) and amateur bartenders Devolver Digital announced point and click thriller The Red Strings Club for PC in January 2018. The Red Strings Club is a cyberpunk narrative experience about fate and happiness featuring the extensive use of pottery, bartending and impersonating people on the phone to take down a corporate conspiracy.

The professed altruistic corporation Supercontinent Ltd is on the verge of releasing Social Psyche Welfare: a system that will eliminate depression, anger and fear from society. However, the bartender of a clandestine club and a freelance hacker don't regard this evolution as an improvement but as brainwashing. Alongside unwitting company employees and a rogue empathy android, the duo will pull all the strings they can to bring down this scheme.

“Any game that allows me to mix drinks and influence people’s already poor decisions and then sit down at a lathe to make genetic implant pottery has got to be good,” claimed Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Topless androids are a pretty big win too.”

Deconstructeam first splashed on the indie game scene with 2014’s Gods Will Be Watching, a game jam project turned debut release with partner Devolver Digital. The team’s first effort went on to gain critical acclaim for its bold narrative and unorthodox approach to the point and click adventure genre. The team has continued their work with notable entries in the world’s largest game jam competitions with a few of these experiments coming together to assemble The Red Strings Club.

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