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Further hiccups continue to plague Forza 7, but not enough to dethrone it.

by: Kevin -
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As a spokesperson of sorts for Forza Motorsport 7, I have been playing enough to have found some interesting... glitches for the powers that be to explore.

So far there is:

  • The 1969 Cougar's front directionals light up every time the car brakes.
  • The 1969 Nova's back-up lights are constantly on.
  • The poster for the Vintage Sport GT has a 246 Dino in the picture, but isn't a car you can race in that series (it should be a Ferrari Daytona).
  • The Diablo SV's rear spoiler can disappear.
  • The Diablo SV can also appear with damage at the start of a brand new race.
  • There are still races where the AI's have no names.
  • I've had two races where rain was selected and it never rained before the race ended.
  • The message center has some messages you cannot delete.

These are in addition to the other missing parts of the game - Auction, Forzathon, Marketplace, and Leagues. The more I play the game, the more I am convinced that the people at Forza have released a game that is undercooked. And all of this is without going into the poor prize crate values, poor mod returns, and the 2-3 specialty dealer cars that take a week to recycle.

I am not backing off that this is the car sim of the year - there is just too much excellence in it. However, players are going to run out of patience if some of this stuff isn't fixed.