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Happy Halloween: Mutant Football League for PC released on Steam

by: Dave -
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Are you boycotting the NFL but missing all of the action and mayhem that comes after the anthem? Are you one of those that think the entire league is getting soft? Are you pining for no-holds-barred physical violence on the field, where it belongs?

No, of course not. That's all far too brutal to even imagine.

But still.... it might be fun to imagine what it would look like. Or, you could just head over to Steam and buy Mutant League Football. The product of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, MFL has finally emerged from a three year long development effort to create an over-the-top parody of a league that is itself proving to be pretty outlandish on its own.

Worried about the lasting harm done by concussions? That's nothing when compared to the "exploding body parts, comically horrific deaths, and blood splatters that fuel the MFL," according to the Steam description.

I'm sure it's more fun than it sounds.

It's not all about physical violence on the field, either. The bribing the officials and the use of other dirty tricks are also on the negotiating table, and that's before even getting around to equipping players with shotguns, chainsaws, and other tools of mayhem.

A fuller description of the unspeakably horrific violence and crazy fun gameplay is provided on the Steam page.

The PC version is available today for $24.99, while XBox One and PS4 will arrive in January, 2018.

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