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Daybreak Games ends DCUO support for PS3

by: Eric -
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Daybreak Games announced today that they will be shutting down support for DC Universe Online for the PlayStation 3, effective January 31st, 2018.

DCUO was available on Windows and PS3 at launch on January 11, 2011 as a subscription based MMORPG, before quickly converting to a free-to-play model on November 1, 2011. DCUO allows players to create their own hero and interact with well known (and more obscure) characters from the DC Universe while adventuring together with other players online. While not a big newsmaker, DCUO is often cited as one of the highest revenue generators among free-to-play PlayStation games.

The shut-down was announced via an email sent directly to players through the official PlayStation Network Email Service. While PS3’s days hosting DCUO are limited, the email encourages players to upgrade to a PS4, as the company plans to continue to support and expand the game on the newer system. All experience and inventory items transfer between the two systems so long as players log in with the same PSN account.

While this sort of announcement is expected as a system ages into obscurity, it is still sad to see. My PS3 is still hooked up to my primary TV, but I can’t tell you the last time I powered it up.  Maybe this weekend I’ll crank up The Last of Us for one last run, before semi-retiring the system to the closet.

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