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Finally, another trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man

by: Nicholas -
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Now apparently titled Marvel's Spider-Man, this title, developed by Insomniac Games, has decided to give us new evidence of its existence (not that it was ever in doubt, I just really like Spider-Man games). It's got the classic characters of Aunt May, Mary Jane, the webslinger himself, Peter Parker, and even Miles Morales, of latter-day fame. 

The storyline presented in the trailer seems to be the tried and true conundrum of Peter trying to balance his work life as Spider-Man with his real life as a dweeb. It's filled with more shots of Mr. Negative, exploding things and generally just ruining it for everybody, but we also finally get glimpses at some of Spidey's other villains, such as Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborn, and the Shocker. 

Marvel's Spider-Man comes out in 2018.