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Everybody is boss rushing an enormous undead tank in World of Tanks

by: Randy -
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World of Tanks gets the Halloween treatment. It started October 27 and runs through November 1. There's a PvE boss fight, now. The Leviathan, an enormous tank that looks like it ate 30 other tanks, roams the battlefield. You and the other players have two new tanks to take on this Sauron-sounding son of a gun: the long-range sniper Franken, and the thick-skinned Stein. See what they did there?

I'm not positive from the trailer, but it's possible the Leviathan runs over players' tank corpses and then resurrects them as bad-guy zombie tanks? Sounds cool. If that's how it works. I mean, the longer you last, the more hosed you'd be, as more and more players come after you instead.

If everything I've just made up sounds factually incorrect and/or boring, then there's a regular 15v15 mode with the new Franken and Stein tanks, too. That part's confirmed. In any case, the new tanks automatically appear in your garage during the Oct. 27 – Nov. 1 event. There are also phantom trains, Kraken tentacles, and mysterious green ooze that will sludge its way across the Grim Graveyard stage.

World of Tanks is free to play and is on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Wanna Play a Game? Halloween Possesses World of Tanks
Battle the undead Leviathan and command monsters across PC and console

October 27, 2017 — This Halloween, stranger things invade World of Tanks battlefields on PC and console. From October 27, the ghoulish tank Leviathan from the underworld attempts to besiege the world of the living in World of Tanks on PC, and monsters mash as tanks rise from their grave in World of Tanks Console.

Leviathan, ruler of the armored afterlife, has grown weary of its underworld dwelling and seeks to conquer the world of the living to expand its evil empire. Standing in its way are two multi-turreted event tanks: devastating long-range sniper Franken and thick-skinned Stein that can soak up damage and rush into the melee.

Players will find both these tanks in their Garage starting October 27. After picking which one to play, they can face Leviathan's forces in a PvE mode where they must stop its ingenious minions and take out the monster once and for all. If commanders would rather combat real enemies, there’s a 15-vs-15 PvP mode, too.

World of Tanks Console dredges terror from the other side in Monsters Awakened, which runs from October 27 through November 1. The much-loved Monster Tank lineup from previous events has been resurrected with two new spine-tingling additions: the Höllenhund leKpz M 41 90 mm and Dragon Type 62.

In Monsters Awakened, tankers brave the ghastly fields of Grim Graveyard, where phantom trains, Kraken tentacles and a mysterious green ooze haunt the battlefield. If players out there previously possessed the monster tanks they’ll discover the awakened versions, boasting menacing new forms with powerful stats and abilities, upon logging in.

But players don’t have to worry if they do not possess a monster tank, because they receive the equally chilling Spectre to take on the monster tank forces. By surviving the battle in the Spectre tank, the Spectre medal will be awarded.

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