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Gran Turismo Sport update fixes/enhances experience for racing wheels

by: Dave -
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One of the things I found to be lacking in Gran Turismo Sport was the weak force feedback, myself having become accustomed to the exemplary road feel in its closest competitor, Project Cars 2. It just felt weak and lifeless, except for one boundary condition where it was crazy strong: as I mentioned in my review, I thought the skidding condition with the front tires was very close to being binary in that you felt like you weren't skidding the front tires right up until they lost all grip entirely. What I didn't mention that this feeling was only exacerbated by a powerful rumbling through the T500's wheel.

I must not have been the only one to notice. The patch, which brings GTS to version 1.03, addresses these exact issues. The startlingly robust wheel shake has been toned down for the T500, and the adjustment range for all force feedback wheels has now been broadened, which is especially useful to those who are using wheels capable of higher torques.

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