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Luchador fans rejoice: Sony reveals Guacamelee 2 (and other games) UPDATED

by: Eric -
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At Sony’s pre-show at the Paris Games week this morning, the Sony team revealed the existence of Guacamelee 2 from Drinkbox. While no release date was specified (soon-ish, they say), the gameplay shown did look smooth and polished. 

Among the new powers shown were the “Chicken Shot”, a chicken that can be unleashed as “murderous force” on foes. Also shown was 4-player co-op.

But that was not the only big indie sequel announcement at the show.  Also announced was Spelunky 2, coming in 2018. No gameplay was shown, but the title appears to retain the same cartoonish art-style

Also shown were The Hong Kong Massacre, a top-down shooter in the vein of Hot Line Miami but with more realistic graphics and a slightly futuristic setting, and The Gardens Between, which looked very much like a more fanciful Brothers, with a time-shifting element integrated to the puzzles.

Also announced was Oure (pronounced Oh-ray), which surprise releases on PlayStation Store today. Oure appears to be very Journey-like, with players moving through a beautiful fantasy world. 

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