New Friday the 13th update finally fixes some of the games longstanding issues

by: Nathan -
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Friday the 13th: The Game is a lot of fun, but there have been some nagging issues that have been plaguing the game since it was released. Gun Media has released a new patch for the game and it looks like a lot of these issues have been ironed out. 

First off, Tommy Jarvis has been completely reworked. Up until now people have always treated playing as Tommy as an extra life when he was supposed to be helping the team. Now when Tommy spawns into the match, the in game message says "save other counselors". Tommy will also spawn with a health spray and pocket knife and will no longer be startled by dead bodies. Tommy will also get a one time XP match bonus for sacrificing himself within the vicinity of other counselors. 

In addition to Pamela tapes, which are incredibly rare to find, the update has added new "Jarvis tapes" which include insight as to what Tommy was up to in between parts 5 and 6 and after Part 6 as well. 

Jason has also been given some new environmental kills as well. These include the stove top, boom box, kitchen knife (throat slit), kitchen knife (stab) and the screw driver. 

Now we get to some of the updates that fans have been waiting a long time for such as Jason will now get credit for kills if someone quits during the animation, Jason's grab range being nerfed and important items now showing up on the map after they have been dropped. 

Finally, another counselor has been added to the game and it's none other than Fox from Part 3.  

Check out the full list of patch notes on their official website.