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RIP Microsoft Kinect

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft has finally stopped manufacturing of the Kinect which isn't a surprise given how much the device has faded from Microsoft's console strategy over the last few years.  The device which was once the fastest selling consumer device in history will now be relegated to the dust heap of gaming history (probably next to a pile of Ouyas)

The Kinect was a device that probably had a much bigger impact outside of gaming than within it.  Just look at Jintronix, a company that uses the Kinect as a therapy device for senior citizens or how the Kinect was used by companies to allow consumers to try on clothes in malls.  There are other examples but unfortunately none of them were able to sustain the device.

Personally I use mine everyday to turn my Xbox One on and off and to control the TV but that's only using part of the power of the unit.  Goodbye Kinect, you were a pretty technology that never really found a good use for gamers

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