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Free Trial for South Park: The Fractured But Whole

by: Rob -
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South Park in general can be a pretty devisive topic. I feel it took a road much like the Simpsons, in what started as a cartoon digging for cheap laughs through shock tactics evolved into brilliant social commentaries. The difference between the two was always that while the Simpsons toned things down South Park continued to push the envelope as far as they could get away with. I never thought a South Park video game would work, as I simply lacked the imagination to see just how well it translates to move away form the everyday plot lines and pinpoint on a specific adventure with the crew that focus on expanding a make-believe scenario of children's play. Lo and behold that first South Park game, the Stick of Truth, was a stand out entry into the gaming world. As to whether the sequel works on the same level, it looks like we will all get a chance to test the waters ourselves. There is now a free trial on for South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

The trial is available through digital download on the PSN for PS4 or the Xbox Live store for Xbox One. There are no alterations to the gameplay, it's just that you will be time capped to 1 hour of play before the trial ends. If you choose to purchase the full title after that hour, all progress will carry over.

More information on the South Park games is available at:

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